Thread lifting can be combined with other non-surgical procedures to maximise the positive and visible results of such a lift, to minimise risks and to ensure the shortest possible recovery time. After the skin has healed around the implanted threads, it is recommended that the thread lift be combined with a treatment called Ultherapy.


Ultrotherapy uses ultrasound pulses at a precise depth to activate energy in connective tissue, thereby stimulating collagen production. It is often referred to as a "non-surgical facelift" and is safe enough to be applied to the face and neck according to a strict standard.

When combined with a thread lift, Ultherapy can maximise the overall amount of skin that is to be firmed, and a more even lift can be achieved when treating the face and neck.


HIFU – Ultherapy of the head/neck  
HIFU lift of the entire face (excluding the neck) 860,- €
HIFU lift of the entire face and the upper part of the neck – chin 900,- €
HIFU lift of the forehead and eye area 330,- €
HIFU lift of the middle section of the face – cheeks and lower face 420,- €
HIFU lift of the neck 250,- €
HIFU of the eye area 230,- €
HIFU of the lip area 220,- €
HIFU of the neck + décolletage: no thread lift 870,- €
HIFU of the neck + décolletage: with thread lift 1 380,- €
HIFU – Ultherapy of the body  
Abdomen 1 180,- €
Buttocks 1 380,- €
Inner thighs 890,- €
Sagging skin above the knees 890,- €
Sagging shoulders/triceps 1 110,- €
Elbows 890,- €


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